[Travel] Essentials


Before going on your trip, there are some important things to get.

So let’s talk about two things. Travel Insurance and Overseas Data.

For this trip to Hong Kong, I charged my airfare completely on Citibank PremierMiles Visa Signature Credit Card. Therefore I got my travel insurance for free. Most credit cards related to travel will offer that on condition that you charge your airfare to it in full. Coverage may not be comprehensive. But good enough.


Citibank PremierMiles Visa Signature Credit Card

As for overseas data, I usually buy local prepaid SIM card upon arrival. However, this time I decide to rely on data provided by Dorsett Mongkok via a smartphone that they provide for free. Is unlimited LTE data with no strings attached. As for China, I decide to pay for SingTel’s DataRoam Saver. (Daily) It is SG$25 for 1 day of unlimited LTE data with no strings attached as well.

So with that, I am all set and ready for travel.