[Mobile Application] WorldMate Gold


How many of you used a Palm OS device before? I have been through Palm OS, Pocket PC, then smartphones like iPhone and Android. One mobile application that has been with me through this entire journey is WorldMate.

Worldmate Logo

WorldMate Logo

WorldMate is a travel management application. It helps you generate and monitor itinerary for your trips. Just forward your itinerary (Sent via email from carrier.) via email to WorldMate’s mailbox and you will see information appearing nicely in WorldMate application with little modification required.

WorldMate Gold

WorldMate Gold (Paid tier with premium services like flight alerts/status, calendar synchronization etc. US$9.99 per year. Book hotel or car with WorldMate to get 3 months free WorldMate Gold.)

WorldMate Home

WorldMate Home. (Upcoming trip showup here.)

WorldMate My Trips

WorldMate My Trips

WorldMate Trip

WorldMate Trip Information

WorldMate Flight

WorldMate Flight Information

WorldMate Hotel

WorldMate Hotel Information

WorldMate Booking

WorldMate Booking

WorldMate Tools

WorldMate Tools

This application is available for FREE without ADs on Android Google Play and iOS App Store.

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