[Travel] First Class Train Travel to GuangZhou on MTR Intercity Through Train


Since I have been to Hong Kong a few times, so I thought why not do something different this time. Time to venture up north: China! After thinking about options, went with GuangZhou instead of Shenzhen as it is a bigger city.

After doing some research, I went ahead and booked transport. Booking is done on MTR’s website for their Intercity Through Train service. I am making this a day trip so I booked the earliest train and a train for return in late afternoon/evening. Journey will be 2 hours per trip and there is only 1 cabin class: First Class. Ticket is priced at HK$219 per trip inclusive of HK$9 handling fee. (Approximately SG$40.) Shall do a review on this next week.


MTR Intercity Through Train