[Mobile Application] iChangi


Firstly, congratulations to Changi Aiport for winning Skytrax World’s Best Airport Award for four consecutive years. It is a place that can make a hardcore westlander like me travel all the way to east on my own accord.

Having stayed overnight at Changi Airport to wait for my morning flight a few times, I can really say that Changi Airport is a home away from home for travelers. There are just so many things that I can do other than staying in lounge. Walking around the 3 terminals to explore shops, cafes, restaurants, gardens, decorations, watch movies, play games on gaming console and powerpoints everywhere to charge gadgets. Most importantly, feel safe there.

So how do I get around in Changi Airport and get updated about my flight? (Like gate changes etc.) iChangi Mobile Application!

iChangi Logo


iChangi Splash Screen

Splash Screen. Got to be proud that we win this four times in a row. Sorry Incheon and Middle East airports. Cannot fight lah!

iChangi Arrival Search

Arrival Search.

Departure Search

Departure Search.

Departure Search Flight

Departure Search Flight Number.

Departure Search Flight Result

Departure Search Flight Result. Click Add Flight # to My Flights to monitor.

Departure Flight Search Added

Departure Flight Added.

Monitored Flight

Monitored Flight. Notifications will update you on any changes.

Current Arrival Flights

Current Arrival Flights.

Current Departure Flights

Current Departure Flights.



Flight Info Menu

Flight Info Menu.

Terminal Maps Menu

Terminal Maps Menu.

Shop & Dine Menu

Shop & Dine Menu.

Airport Info Menu

Airport Info Menu.



1 thing I hope to see in this application soon is integration of Changi Rewards membership management.

This application is available for FREE without ADs on Android Google Play and iOS App Store.

Google Play APP Store

[Travel] JetQuay: Changi Airport CIP Terminal


So Madonna Rebel Heart tour is over in Singapore. How did she arrive and leave Singapore?
Private Jet: Yes
Terminal 1/2/3: Neither. CIP Terminal

Wait a minute. VIP is familiar to most people but what is CIP? CIP stands for Commercially Important Person. Examples of CIPs include Madonna, Gordon Ramsay and Lady Gaga just to name a few. Whenever a private jet or CIP lands in Changi Airport, they will be received and handled by CIP Terminal: JetQuay.

JetQuay Logo

JetQuay Logo

As mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to try JetQuay for the first time when I touch down in Singapore from Hong Kong. So here was my experience as a CIP.

Buggy Ride

Buggy ride from gate to JetQuay. My check-In luggage was retrieved in parallel by their staff.

Arrival in style

Arrival in style.






Drinks and light food.





Table and bench

Table and bench: Casual


Cosy: Homely


Can fit group comfortably.


Exotic corner.




Family friendly.



Chill while waiting for DFS purchase.

Chill while waiting for DFS purchase.


Can do some business.




In front of JetQuay’s signature spiral stairs.

So this place looks very exclusive right? It is actually more accessible than many people think. All you just need is Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard Credit Card which only require annual income requirement of SG$30,000. Any freshman who start work can access this. You can just call JetQuay for booking. For details, check my previous post.


Standard Chartered Manhattan World MasterCard Credit Card

[Deal] Priceless Singapore by MasterCard


MasterCard has tied up with some merchants to offer good benefits. As they are famous for their campaign “Priceless”, they have a website to highlight benefits: Priceless Cities.

As I worked on booking things for my Hong Kong Trip next week, I looked through for benefits that I can possibly try for first time. One thing that popped up is JetQuay.



For those who are not aware of JetQuay, it is a special terminal in Changi Airport serving CIP. (Commercially Important Person. You read that right. Is not VIP.) It is located near to Terminal 2 of Changi Airport. Some dignitaries served by them include Lady Gaga and most recently Gordon Ramsay. (Just this week.)

So you may think this is something for rich and famous. Think again. You can enjoy JetQuay’s signature QuaySide service for free once a month for you plus one with World MasterCard and above. I saw this benefit on UOB PrviMiles World MasterCard Credit Card website and went ahead to book with JetQuay.


UOB PrviMiles World MasterCard Credit Card

So what’s the catch? You must be flying on full service airline except for Delta, United, Swiss, Malaysia and budget airlines. You can be travelling on any class and you can enjoy this service for arrival or departure. Enjoy lounge before or after travelling, fetched to/fro gate by buggy and arrive/depart in style with dedicated immigration counters. Check-in luggage? No worries as they will collect it for you. Duty-free? Let them know what you want, pass them your passport, boarding pass and credit card. They will purchase them for you. Transport? They can arrange vehicle for you.

Looking forward to try this on arrival in Singapore. Review next week!