[Deal] Takashimaya 10% Rebate


Last week, we mentioned about Tangs’ 12% rebate day on anyday of your choice here. That is still available. From today, another deal will start till this Sunday. Takashimaya 10% rebate. That is on top of existing rebate of up to 6% for Takashimaya card members.


Takashimaya 10% Rebate

There are a lot of products on sale and you can earn rebates at the same time. So good time to do your Chinese New Year purchase right? Definitely! Do go to both Tangs and Takashimaya to compare prices before purchase. See which side gives you better savings.

I have been shopping at Takashimaya mostly for Nespresso capsules (Unless I am in my Nespresso heaven in Europe.) or SodaStream syrups. (I am a drinks person at home.) So I do hold a Takashimaya Credit Card for that: DBS Takashimaya American Express Platinum Credit Card.

This card will earn you 6% rebate and additional 10% rebate on special days. Every SG$500 spent at Takashimaya will earn you 100 points which can convert to SG$30 Takashimaya voucher. You can also get SG$3 parking credits by spending SG$120 at Takashimaya. In Takashimaya Japan, you can also enjoy 5% discount. As a DBS card, it also entitles you to DBS points. Every SG$5 gives you 1 point so use that to redeem anything you want. DBS privilages islandwide is also applicable to this card. American Express SELECTS is also applicable to this card.


DBS Takashimaya American Express Platinum Credit Card