[Membership Card] Changi Rewards Gold


When travelling, some membership cards are worth bringing. Even if I have them virtually on my Perkd application, I will bring physical cards along just in case technology fails or a staff rejects my virtual cards.

Other than my Priority Pass membership card that I must bring along as they only accept physical card, I do bring along some other membership cards as well. Here is 1 of them that I will bring along.


Changi Rewards Gold

  • Qualified by spending SG$4,000 at Changi Airport. (Spending requirement waived off courtesy of American Express KrisFlyer Gold Credit Card. Promotion no longer available.)
  • 2 Points for every SG$1. (Normal tier 1 point for every SG$1.)
  • 500 Points = SG$5 rebate.
  • 7% GST savings at participating outlets in Changi Airport public area.
  • 5 Lucky Draw chances per SG$30 spend. (Normal tier 1 Lucky Draw chance.)
  • Points convertible to KrisFlyer miles. (3,000 Points to 1,000 Miles.)
  • 2 Points for every SG$1 at Agoda.

[Deal] Takashimaya 10% Rebate


Last week, we mentioned about Tangs’ 12% rebate day on anyday of your choice here. That is still available. From today, another deal will start till this Sunday. Takashimaya 10% rebate. That is on top of existing rebate of up to 6% for Takashimaya card members.


Takashimaya 10% Rebate

There are a lot of products on sale and you can earn rebates at the same time. So good time to do your Chinese New Year purchase right? Definitely! Do go to both Tangs and Takashimaya to compare prices before purchase. See which side gives you better savings.

I have been shopping at Takashimaya mostly for Nespresso capsules (Unless I am in my Nespresso heaven in Europe.) or SodaStream syrups. (I am a drinks person at home.) So I do hold a Takashimaya Credit Card for that: DBS Takashimaya American Express Platinum Credit Card.

This card will earn you 6% rebate and additional 10% rebate on special days. Every SG$500 spent at Takashimaya will earn you 100 points which can convert to SG$30 Takashimaya voucher. You can also get SG$3 parking credits by spending SG$120 at Takashimaya. In Takashimaya Japan, you can also enjoy 5% discount. As a DBS card, it also entitles you to DBS points. Every SG$5 gives you 1 point so use that to redeem anything you want. DBS privilages islandwide is also applicable to this card. American Express SELECTS is also applicable to this card.


DBS Takashimaya American Express Platinum Credit Card

[Deal] Tangs 12% Rebate


Tangs do 12% rebate day for members frequently throughout the year. This time round, they are doing it with a twist. Instead of a fixed day, you can choose your own 12% rebate day at Tangs from 7th January 2016 to 7 February 2016. Just inform cashier accordingly when you want to activate your 12% rebate.

Tangs Application

Many of you may find it a hassle when Tangs stop their collaboration with Citibank. This means that we have to carry an additional membership card with us in our wallet. Here’s the solution: Tangs mobile application.

Tangs Logo

Tangs Logo

Just launch Tangs application, login with your Tangs account (Create 1 if you have not done so.) and you can launch your Tangs virtual membership card.

Tangs Application Menu

Tangs Application Menu

Tangs Virtual Card

Tangs Virtual Card

This application is available for FREE without ADs on Android Google Play and iOS App Store.

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