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For upcoming trip to Hong Kong, I thought I will want to watch a concert at the classic Hong Kong Coliseum AKA 红磡 and what can be more classic than a concert by god of songs 歌神 Jacky Cheung 张学友.

Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour

Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour

For this kind of concert, there is no doubt that tickets are sold out pretty quickly. So this calls for some special arrangement. You may know each credit card has a phone number behind that you can call your bank for issues with your credit cards. Some banks may even have their own concierge service but services offered may be quite basic or with limited global coverage unless you are holding a top tier credit card. (Like American Express Centurion.) So to get things done globally for average joe like me, who can help? Visa Signature Concierge.

How to reach them?

  • Phone: 800 448 1450
  • Online (Alternative contact numbers listed online for language and region.)


  • Flight reservations
  • Hotel reservations
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Car rental reservations
  • Event ticket purchases
  • Trip planning
  • Emergency services
    • Reporting lost or stolen cards
    • Emergency card replacement
    • Emergency cash disbursement
  • Other general requests

So how did it went? From enquiry to receive tickets via FedEx, the whole process took 2 weeks. Not too bad. Though I have to pay a premium for the ticket, (A little more than double the cost. What to do? Sold out!) I feel is worth it and I need not worry about the ticket’s authenticity. The seat looks good based on seating plan. So looking forward to an enjoyable concert on boxing day in Hong Kong!

Jacky Cheung Ticket

Jacky Cheung Ticket

Disclaimer: Use credit card responsibly.