[Gear] 90 Points Luggage 20″


ABS and PC must be familiar to you if you are shopping for a luggage and these are some of the common materials used. Some luggage are made using more premium materials like metal and Makrolon by Covestro. (Subsidiary of Bayer.)

Covestro Makrolon

In my trip to Milan last year, my carry-on luggage was damaged. (Zipper damaged. I am not gentle with my gears.) So I have been looking for a replacement for a while. Since then, I have been relying on my old carry-on luggage that is quite heavily used but still working.


Old carry-on luggage.

At luggage shops, I am seeing Makrolon luggage priced at more than SG$100 for 20″ carry-on. In my opinion, that is overpriced. I am not supportive of carrying expensive luggage when travelling. Here’s why:

  • Prime target for theft/robbery.
  • Heavy. (Especially Rimowa and Tumi metal luggage.)

So I am very happy to discover that 90 Points luggage 20″ is officially available on Xiaomi’s tmall for RMB$299. (SG$66.09. 24″ available as well at RMB$349 or SG$77.14.) This is very affordable for a Makrolon luggage. So you may be wondering why Xiaomi has luggage? This is produced by one of their ecosystem company 润米 that they have invested in. It is the same manufacturer of Xiaomi Multi Purpose Computer Bag that I have reviewed previously.

Luggage Box

Luggage Box. (4.2KG for shipment consideration. Shipment cost RMB$99.91 or SG$21.91 via air through Taobao’s official forwarder PRouter. You will want to order this item individually as Xiaomi will ship this item individually if you mix with other items in 1 order.)

Luggage Unboxing

Luggage Unboxing.

Luggage Wrapped

Luggage Wrapped.

Luggage Front

Luggage Front. Makrolon is a good balance of weight and durability. Notice the strips? These are created to deal with impact. Blue color here. Black, grey and white available as well.

Luggage Side Handle

Luggage Side.

Luggage Wheels

Luggage Wheels. 8 of them. Very smooth when rolling around. TPE material.

TSA Locked

TSA Lock. Pin set at 000 on arrival by default.

ZIP Released

ZIP Released. Notice raised dot design on luggage body? This is to prevent scratches.

Luggage Side

Luggage Side. Good to see plastic stands.

Luggage Top

Luggage Top. Handles are without cushion which is good to have.

Luggage Telescopic Handle

Luggage Telescopic Handle At Full Extension. 4 heights adjustable. Handle built with reinforced metal that has been polished. Some handles are quite shaky based on my experience. But this has been designed and tested to be very solid. Movement is kept within 1.5cm based on specification.

Luggage Back

Luggage Back.

Luggage Opened

Luggage Opened. Closed interior dividers ensure good separation and storage. Huge plus.

Left Opened

Left Opened.

Right Opened

Right Opened.

Bags Stacked

90 Points Luggage 20″ with Xiaomi Multi Purpose Computer Bag. They are meant to be together isn’t it?

Luggage Label

Luggage Label. 2.9KG net weight for luggage, 36L of storage, 375mmx223mmx550mm inclusive of wheels compliant with airlines carry-on luggage size requirement.

Luggage Weight

Luggage Weight. Not too far off from specifications.

[Travel] Packing


Surely many of you like travelling but there will be something that many of you hate to the core: Packing!

So how to pack well so that you can make full use of baggage allowance to bring everything you want back from your trip?

Let’s see this video of how 凯文老师 (Celebrity Stylist Kevin) pack his luggage.

For those who do not understand mandarin, here’s a summary.

  • Rimowa aluminium luggage is not recommended as it is heavy on it’s own.
    • You want to carry goodies back from your trip or heavy luggage with little things inside?
    • Carrying a branded luggage like Rimowa, Tumi or Samsonite is also a way to tell people to target you to steal your stuffs.
  • Pack orderly to store more.
    • Roll all clothes up.
    • Pack clothes in new bags that you just buy so that bags will retain their shape.
    • Compact things together to minimize movement of items while you are moving.
    • Trick for ladies: Stockings! For guys, Laces!

Ever since I saw this video, I have been doing this in my packing. So here’s how I pack.


Clothes Rolled Up. Drawstring bottoms tied up.





Empty Luggage

Empty Luggage Weight

Packed Weight

Packed Weight



As you can see from above, this packing method can save you space and weight. I will always bring along luggage scale for my trips as that helps me in my packing so as to avoid excess baggage charges. This luggage scale can also tell me temperature of surrounding. So very useful tool.

Will continue to pack and update more on my packing in another post.