[Credit Card] Credit Report


[Update 1/4/2016]: You can now apply for a free Credit Report from CBS if you apply for a Credit Card. Regardless of whether it is approved or not. Details here.

Was thinking of writing an article on credit report and Claudia from Cardable beat me to that. That was a good summary on credit report so kudos to that. You can read it at here.

After reading through that article, I thought I can add on to it. So here are some things that I will like to add on.

So how does a credit report look like? I have bought my credit report last July from Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS) and here is how it looks like.

Credit Report(Web)_Page_01

Personal Particulars. Important information: Date of Earliest Known Credit Account, Previous Enquiries, Accounts, Defaults, Bankruptcy Proceedings and Credit Limits

Credit Report(Web)_Page_02

Account Status

Credit Report(Web)_Page_03

Account Status

Credit Report(Web)_Page_04

Account Status, Previous Enquiries and Credit Score

Credit Report(Web)_Page_05

Adverse and Aggregate Outstanding Balances

Credit Report(Web)_Page_07

Explanation (Members and Account Status note on what each alphabet means.)

Credit Report(Web)_Page_08

Explanation (What each credit score means.)

Credit Report(Web)_Page_09

Explanation (Key Contributing Factors to Your Credit Score and Aggregate Outstanding Balances.)

Credit Report(Web)_Page_10

Explanation (Aggregate Outstanding Balances.)

Credit Report(Web)_Page_11

Charts on Credit trends for your age group

Some additional information on credit report:

Who are authorized providers for credit report?
  • CBS.
  • DP Credit Bureau. (Can give it a miss as they only got 5 members which are all members of CBS.)
Who can access your credit report?
  • Member financial institutions of each credit bureau.
  • You.
How much does it costs?
  • SG$6 including GST from CBS.
Where to buy? (CBS)
  • Online. (Singpass needed. Payment by Visa/MasterCard/eNETS.)
  • CBS Office at SGX Centre 1.
  • Singpost.
  • CrimsonLogic Service Bureau at Chinatown Point or Supreme Court.
  • CASE Office at Ulu Pandan Community Building.

Some pointers:

  • When banks reject your credit card application, they will never say why. Buying your own credit report may give you answer. It may be because:
    • Bank may think that you have too much unsecured credit.
    • Bank may think that you have too many credit cards.
    • Bank may see that you have high frequency of defaults.
  • You can have an AA score but still can get rejected for credit card application. (That happened to me.)

Disclaimer: Use credit card responsibly.