[Travel/Deal] Travel Insurance from Changi Recommends


Usually I do not recommend Changi Recommends (Pun intended.) for their Overseas WIFI Router Rental service because of their Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which is quite a deal breaker. I will rather touch down and buy local prepaid SIM or use Singtel DataRoam Saver Plan for places like China where I don’t have to worry about limit/VPN etc.

Recently, there is finally something from them that I can recommend. They are now running a promotion for single trip Travel Insurance to Thailand and Hong Kong underwritten by ACE Insurance. Free prepaid SIM card for Thailand or Hong Kong upon purchase.

Changi Recommends

Good deal!

Travel insurance costs SG$28 for Thailand and SG$36 for Hong Kong. Counting in SG$13 for Thailand prepaid SIM and SG$15 for Hong Kong prepaid SIM, it costs SG$15 and SG$21 respectively for travel insurance. Good deal eh? I have collected my Thailand prepaid SIM at Changi Recommends and will be using it on my Thailand trip!

Thailand AIS SIM

Thailand AIS SIM