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[Update 1/4/2016]: You can now apply for a free Credit Report from CBS if you apply for a Credit Card. Regardless of whether it is approved or not. Details here.

Was thinking of writing an article on credit report and Claudia from Cardable beat me to that. That was a good summary on credit report so kudos to that. You can read it at here.

After reading through that article, I thought I can add on to it. So here are some things that I will like to add on.

So how does a credit report look like? I have bought my credit report last July from Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS) and here is how it looks like.

Credit Report(Web)_Page_01

Personal Particulars. Important information: Date of Earliest Known Credit Account, Previous Enquiries, Accounts, Defaults, Bankruptcy Proceedings and Credit Limits

Credit Report(Web)_Page_02

Account Status

Credit Report(Web)_Page_03

Account Status

Credit Report(Web)_Page_04

Account Status, Previous Enquiries and Credit Score

Credit Report(Web)_Page_05

Adverse and Aggregate Outstanding Balances

Credit Report(Web)_Page_07

Explanation (Members and Account Status note on what each alphabet means.)

Credit Report(Web)_Page_08

Explanation (What each credit score means.)

Credit Report(Web)_Page_09

Explanation (Key Contributing Factors to Your Credit Score and Aggregate Outstanding Balances.)

Credit Report(Web)_Page_10

Explanation (Aggregate Outstanding Balances.)

Credit Report(Web)_Page_11

Charts on Credit trends for your age group

Some additional information on credit report:

Who are authorized providers for credit report?
  • CBS.
  • DP Credit Bureau. (Can give it a miss as they only got 5 members which are all members of CBS.)
Who can access your credit report?
  • Member financial institutions of each credit bureau.
  • You.
How much does it costs?
  • SG$6 including GST from CBS.
Where to buy? (CBS)
  • Online. (Singpass needed. Payment by Visa/MasterCard/eNETS.)
  • CBS Office at SGX Centre 1.
  • Singpost.
  • CrimsonLogic Service Bureau at Chinatown Point or Supreme Court.
  • CASE Office at Ulu Pandan Community Building.

Some pointers:

  • When banks reject your credit card application, they will never say why. Buying your own credit report may give you answer. It may be because:
    • Bank may think that you have too much unsecured credit.
    • Bank may think that you have too many credit cards.
    • Bank may see that you have high frequency of defaults.
  • You can have an AA score but still can get rejected for credit card application. (That happened to me.)

Disclaimer: Use credit card responsibly.

[Mobile application] Cardable


You got a few credit cards/membership cards and having trouble keeping track of deals associated with each card? Here is a mobile application to the rescue.

Cardable Logo

Cardable Logo

What Cardable allows you to do is to select credit cards/membership cards that you own and see deals available based on that information and location. They have a pretty comprehensive list of cards available. Not just credit cards from most banks in Singapore but also membership cards like PAssion, SAFRA, NTUC PLUS!, Palate and the FAR CARD. Main benefit of this application over competing application is that this application allows you to zoom down to benefits associated with a specific card from a bank. So for ladies, you can just select UOB Lady’s card in Cardable and see deals for that only. (Cue slogan: The men don’t get it.)

Cardable Cards

Cardable Cards

Cardable Cards DBS

Cardable Cards DBS List

Cardable Cards DBS Altitude American Express

Cardable Cards DBS Altitude American Express  Card Summary

Cardable Screenshot

Cardable Screenshot

You will then be able to look for deals near you or by categories like Dining, Shopping, Entertainment, Lifestyle & Arts, Travel and Automotives. When you select a deal, you will see distance of merchant from your location, details of deal and cards applicable.

Cardable Screenshot Deal

Cardable Screenshot Deal

This application is available for FREE without ADs on Android Google Play and iOS App Store.

Google Play APP Store

[Credit card] Primer


You are now studying in Polytechnic/University or just started your first job and want to get your first credit card but do not earn more than SG$30,000 per annum? You can and there are options available: Credit cards with SG$500 credit limit.

Well, SG$500 credit limit may not seems much. But these cards served me well when I started on credit cards. They helped me in building up a good credit discipline and increase my spending power when combined.

So here are 2 credit cards that I started on with SG$500 credit limit each long time ago.

Here are the requirements on these credit cards:

  • Age requirement: 18 years old minimum at time of application. (21 years old for other credit cards usually.)
  • Nationality: Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident. (Foreigners on employment pass allowed with higher annual income required usually for other credit cards.)
  • Parent/Guardian consent required for applicant age below 21 at time of registration.
  • Must not be a principal credit card/credit line holder.
  • Non student: Minimum SG$18,000 income per annum. (Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum MasterCard. Usually SG$30,000 minimum for other credit cards.)

What is required when applying for credit cards:

  • Photocopy of NRIC/Passport.
  • Computerized payslip (Latest minimum. Recommend to submit 3 months.), Income tax Notice of Assessment or 12 months CPF contribution statement. (Self employed individuals will need to submit more.)
  • Completed application form.

What to watch out when applying for credit cards:

  • Annual fee: About SG$30 for these cards. (Usually 1st year waived. Subsequent waiver at bank’s discretion.)
  • Credit limit: SG$500. (Usually 2-4x of your monthly income at bank’s discretion for other credit cards.)
  • Interest rate: About 24% per annum or a minimum amount as stipulated by bank. (Interest can be scary and you will be playing with your credit score if you default. You have been warned.)
  • Statement date: Please call bank after you received your credit card to know your statement generation/cut off date. (This will help you in planning your purchases.)
  • Payment grace period: About 20 days. Pay fully within grace period and there will not be any interest charge.
  • Cash advancement fee: About 6% of amount advanced or a minimum amount as stipulated by bank.
  • Other fees like late fee or over limit fee which you should never ever need to pay if your credit discipline is good.

How to decide which card to get:

  • Your spending habit/pattern:
    • If you are a party guy/gal that frequent Zouk, get Citibank Clear Visa as that credit card offer free entry and 1-for-1 drinks at Zouk.
    • If you are after cashback, get Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum MasterCard as that credit card offers 0.25% cashback in this case.
    • For other credit cards, you will want to look at rewards on offer and flexibility in redeeming rewards.
  • Bank: If you have any bad blood with any bank or if bank does not has a good reputation, you will not likely want to get a credit card with them. Unless benefit is unrivalled.
  • Payment method:
    • Internet banking (Must have!)
    • SAM (Cut off time 5pm.)
    • AXS. (Cut off time 8pm.)
  • Payment network: Usually I recommend 1 Visa, 1 MasterCard and 1 American Express credit card per bank (At least 2 banks. Just in case 1 bank’s cards just all decide to die on you. It can happen!) for maximum acceptance across the globe. (JCB is an exotic 1 for Japan. Only offered by UOB in Singapore.)
  • Gold/Platinum/Visa Signature/MasterCard Titanium/MasterCard World:
    • Gold is like entry level for American Express. (E.G. American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold credit card.)
    • Platinum is like entry level for Visa/MasterCard/JCB. Premium for American Express.
    • Visa Signature is usually targeted at frequent flyers.
    • MasterCard Titanium is just a fancy gimmick by MasterCard in my opinion. Only offered by OCBC in Singapore.
    • MasterCard World is similar to Visa Signature in terms of level.
  • Contactless payment solution:
    • Visa payWave
    • MasterCard PayPass
    • American Express
    • EZ-LINK
    • NETS FlashPay

Hope this helps as a good start to your journey with credit cards.

Disclaimer: Use credit card responsibly.

Welcome to Have Cards Will Travel


Lot of friends know me as lobang king, mileage guy, credit card guy and many other nicknames. They will often ask about which credit card to get/use to maximize their returns and I do post on Facebook about using miles earned from credit cards to fly in premium cabins like SQ Business Class and Suites. (SG$38.50 + 31,875 miles vs SG$2,768.50 for Hong Kong one way Suites ticket on SQ sounds good? Savings of SG$2,730.) So after some thinking, I decide to set up this site to share more about:

  • Credit cards that I own. 25 and counting…
  • Travel reviews.
    Airport, airport lounges and cabin products.
  • Membership cards.
    Some deals are just not available with credit cards.
  • Mobile applications.
    Some mobile applications can be life saver when I want to find deals or globetrotting.
  • Gear.
    Typical geek here.
  • Deals. (Duh…)
    What’s lobang king without deals.

Please note that posts here are not paid advertorials unless stated.

So before I end this post, will like to share this picture of a credit card that I own (No more…) which feature a mantra that I believe in.


I like the quote. But not the card anymore.

Disclaimer: Use credit card responsibly.