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This site was started 1 year ago to share about what I know and love.

How to use credit cards to earn your next trip?
How to travel in style with the least money?
Where are the good deals?
What gear am I using?
What membership cards are useful?
What mobile applications are making my life easier?

Here’s a video to wish this site Happy Anniversary with many more years to come.

[Travel/Deal] Travel Insurance from Changi Recommends


Usually I do not recommend Changi Recommends (Pun intended.) for their Overseas WIFI Router Rental service because of their Fair Usage Policy (FUP) which is quite a deal breaker. I will rather touch down and buy local prepaid SIM or use Singtel DataRoam Saver Plan for places like China where I don’t have to worry about limit/VPN etc.

Recently, there is finally something from them that I can recommend. They are now running a promotion for single trip Travel Insurance to Thailand and Hong Kong underwritten by ACE Insurance. Free prepaid SIM card for Thailand or Hong Kong upon purchase.

Changi Recommends

Good deal!

Travel insurance costs SG$28 for Thailand and SG$36 for Hong Kong. Counting in SG$13 for Thailand prepaid SIM and SG$15 for Hong Kong prepaid SIM, it costs SG$15 and SG$21 respectively for travel insurance. Good deal eh? I have collected my Thailand prepaid SIM at Changi Recommends and will be using it on my Thailand trip!

Thailand AIS SIM

Thailand AIS SIM

[Deal] Citibank Dining


Seems like Citibank is now running dining privileges pegged at SG$100. They have been running $100GOURMET since April last year and soon it will be its first year anniversary. I almost attended 1 last year when Chef Alvin Leung (Demon Chef-3 Michelin Stars.) and Chef David Liew (TÓNG LÈ PRIVATE DINING) were supposed to collaborate. However, collaboration was cancelled as Chef Alvin could not make the trip due to unforeseen circumstances.



Concept of $100GOURMET is simple. SG$100++ (Pay with Citibank Credit Card or else it will be SG$180++.) for lunch or dinner prepared by a partnership of local and guest chef from overseas. There have been some Michelin rated guest chefs who have partnered with local chefs throughout last year.

Recently, Citibank started another dining program and they generated a bit of hype on social media before launch. Introducing Citibank Wine & Dine.


Citibank Wine & Dine

Concept of Citibank Wine & Dine is simple as well. Spend SG$100 excluding taxes at participating restaurants and get a bottle of wine free to go along. Some participating restaurants that I have patronized before are Osteria Art and TungLok. Recently, I discovered a hidden gem that is participating in Citibank Wine & Dine program: The Pipe District.

The Pipe District

The Pipe District

They have quite a few signature dishes on menu. Charcoal series (Charcoal Fish & Chips and Charcoal Onion Rings.), Squid ink pasta which you can customize and many more. Under Citibank Wine & Dine program, they are offering Montes Alpha Chardonnay 2013 or Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 from Chile for free with SG$100 food purchase excluding taxes.

Check here for more information.

[Deal] Priceless Singapore by MasterCard


MasterCard has tied up with some merchants to offer good benefits. As they are famous for their campaign “Priceless”, they have a website to highlight benefits: Priceless Cities.

As I worked on booking things for my Hong Kong Trip next week, I looked through for benefits that I can possibly try for first time. One thing that popped up is JetQuay.



For those who are not aware of JetQuay, it is a special terminal in Changi Airport serving CIP. (Commercially Important Person. You read that right. Is not VIP.) It is located near to Terminal 2 of Changi Airport. Some dignitaries served by them include Lady Gaga and most recently Gordon Ramsay. (Just this week.)

So you may think this is something for rich and famous. Think again. You can enjoy JetQuay’s signature QuaySide service for free once a month for you plus one with World MasterCard and above. I saw this benefit on UOB PrviMiles World MasterCard Credit Card website and went ahead to book with JetQuay.


UOB PrviMiles World MasterCard Credit Card

So what’s the catch? You must be flying on full service airline except for Delta, United, Swiss, Malaysia and budget airlines. You can be travelling on any class and you can enjoy this service for arrival or departure. Enjoy lounge before or after travelling, fetched to/fro gate by buggy and arrive/depart in style with dedicated immigration counters. Check-in luggage? No worries as they will collect it for you. Duty-free? Let them know what you want, pass them your passport, boarding pass and credit card. They will purchase them for you. Transport? They can arrange vehicle for you.

Looking forward to try this on arrival in Singapore. Review next week!

[Deal] Takashimaya 10% Rebate


Last week, we mentioned about Tangs’ 12% rebate day on anyday of your choice here. That is still available. From today, another deal will start till this Sunday. Takashimaya 10% rebate. That is on top of existing rebate of up to 6% for Takashimaya card members.


Takashimaya 10% Rebate

There are a lot of products on sale and you can earn rebates at the same time. So good time to do your Chinese New Year purchase right? Definitely! Do go to both Tangs and Takashimaya to compare prices before purchase. See which side gives you better savings.

I have been shopping at Takashimaya mostly for Nespresso capsules (Unless I am in my Nespresso heaven in Europe.) or SodaStream syrups. (I am a drinks person at home.) So I do hold a Takashimaya Credit Card for that: DBS Takashimaya American Express Platinum Credit Card.

This card will earn you 6% rebate and additional 10% rebate on special days. Every SG$500 spent at Takashimaya will earn you 100 points which can convert to SG$30 Takashimaya voucher. You can also get SG$3 parking credits by spending SG$120 at Takashimaya. In Takashimaya Japan, you can also enjoy 5% discount. As a DBS card, it also entitles you to DBS points. Every SG$5 gives you 1 point so use that to redeem anything you want. DBS privilages islandwide is also applicable to this card. American Express SELECTS is also applicable to this card.


DBS Takashimaya American Express Platinum Credit Card

[Deal] Chillax


Have been sharing about dining privilages offered by Palate and the FAR CARD recently and hope you enjoyed them. If you missed these posts, please read them here and here.

Will like to share another deal and this time is for nightlife people! It’s Friday (TGIF!) today so how many of you are thinking of where to go party or chill after work? Here is a good deal that you can look at: Chillax!

Chillax features a good selection of chill out spots for you to unwind after a day’s work. Here are the merchants and benefits:

 Merchants Benefits and Restrictions
  • 1-for-1 on First Drink.
  • 10% off total bill.
  • Except on Fridays and eve of Public Holidays.
 Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall at Boat Quay
  • Complimentary bespoke cocktail.
  • Complimentary welcome drink-Bespoke cocktails, house wine, beers, fruit juice.
 Horse’s Mouth Bar
  • Complimentary bespoke cocktail.
 Gem Bar
  • 1-for-1 on First Drink.
  • 10% off total bill.
  • Except on Fridays and eve of Public Holidays.
  • Complimentary craft beer.
 Maison Ikkoku
  •  Complimentary bespoke cocktail.
  • 1-for-1 on First Drink.
  • 10% off total bill.
  • Except on Fridays and eve of Public Holidays.
 Shin Gi Tai
  • Complimentary craft cocktail or beer.
 The Auld Alliance
  • Complimentary glass of house whisky.
 The Mad Men Attic Bar
  • Complimentary Kirin or Pure Blonde beer.
  • 1-for-1 Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Whisky by glass.
  • Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Whisky bottle at SG$178.
  • Excluding eve and Public Holidays.
 The Secret Mermaid
  • 1-for-1 first drink-Beer, wine, bespoke cocktail and tasting flights.
 Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar
  • 1-for-1 on First Drink.
  • 10% off total bill.
  • Except on Fridays and eve of Public Holidays.

Chillax is a lifestyle benefit brought to you by American Express Platinum Credit Card. Just pay using American Express Platinum Credit Card at these merchants to Chillax. Chill on!

Amex Platinum

American Express Platinum Credit Card

[Deal] Booking hotel through Agoda


I have been on trips to Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo and London previously for leisure. Planning trip is always something that I enjoy. Especially looking for deals for air tickets, attractions, hotels, food, shopping and transports.

In this post, let’s look at hotel booking. 1 of my frequent website for hotel booking is Agoda. They have pretty low rate for hotels and good loyalty reward program which gives you points that can offset your next booking with them. However, most people may not know that they have tie up with several banks and membership programs to offer discounts for credit cards or perks for members. You got to book via special portals on Agoda website and make payment by using specific bank’s credit card to get discounts or specify membership number to get perks.


Credit Cards/Membership Cards Portal  Discount
Citibank http://www.agoda.com/citibanksg
  •  8% Discount for:
    • China
    • Taiwan
  • 7% Discount for others.
DBS http://www.agoda.com/dbssg
  •  8% Discount for:
    • Japan
    • Korea
  • 7% Discount for others.
OCBC http://www.agoda.com/ocbc
  •  8% Discount for:
    • Hong Kong
    • Macau
    • Singapore
  • 7% Discount for others.
UOB http://www.agoda.com/uob
  •  8% Discount for:
    • Thailand
    • Malaysia
  • 7% Discount for others.
BOC http://www.agoda.com/boc
  • 5% Discount.
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer http://www.agoda.com/singaporeair
  •  2 KrisFlyer miles/US$1.
Changi Rewards http://www.agoda.com/changirewards
  • 1 point/SG$1 for Member.
  • 2 points/SG$1 for Gold Member.
  • 3 points/SG$1 for Platinum Member.

Hope this helps you in planning your next trip or staycation.

[Deal] Tangs 12% Rebate


Tangs do 12% rebate day for members frequently throughout the year. This time round, they are doing it with a twist. Instead of a fixed day, you can choose your own 12% rebate day at Tangs from 7th January 2016 to 7 February 2016. Just inform cashier accordingly when you want to activate your 12% rebate.

Tangs Application

Many of you may find it a hassle when Tangs stop their collaboration with Citibank. This means that we have to carry an additional membership card with us in our wallet. Here’s the solution: Tangs mobile application.

Tangs Logo

Tangs Logo

Just launch Tangs application, login with your Tangs account (Create 1 if you have not done so.) and you can launch your Tangs virtual membership card.

Tangs Application Menu

Tangs Application Menu

Tangs Virtual Card

Tangs Virtual Card

This application is available for FREE without ADs on Android Google Play and iOS App Store.

Google Play APP Store

Welcome to Have Cards Will Travel


Lot of friends know me as lobang king, mileage guy, credit card guy and many other nicknames. They will often ask about which credit card to get/use to maximize their returns and I do post on Facebook about using miles earned from credit cards to fly in premium cabins like SQ Business Class and Suites. (SG$38.50 + 31,875 miles vs SG$2,768.50 for Hong Kong one way Suites ticket on SQ sounds good? Savings of SG$2,730.) So after some thinking, I decide to set up this site to share more about:

  • Credit cards that I own. 25 and counting…
  • Travel reviews.
    Airport, airport lounges and cabin products.
  • Membership cards.
    Some deals are just not available with credit cards.
  • Mobile applications.
    Some mobile applications can be life saver when I want to find deals or globetrotting.
  • Gear.
    Typical geek here.
  • Deals. (Duh…)
    What’s lobang king without deals.

Please note that posts here are not paid advertorials unless stated.

So before I end this post, will like to share this picture of a credit card that I own (No more…) which feature a mantra that I believe in.


I like the quote. But not the card anymore.

Disclaimer: Use credit card responsibly.